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Jewish Krakow – from Kroke to Plaszow

This complete, full day visit of Jewish heritage in Krakow will lead you through all places connected with Jewish life in the city. You will be both in the Old Town, Kazimierz district, the former ghetto of Podgorze, in front of the the Schindler’s Factory and you’ll visit the former Plaszow camp area.


  • Walk in the Old Town to learn about the oldest traces of Jewish life in Kraków and contribution of Jews to modernity of Kraków in the last 200 years
  • Listen to stories of Kazimierz from prewar times
  • Learn about the Umschlagplatz, buildings of former hospitals and factories in Podgorze area
  • Walk to the Pharmacy under the Eagle (visit inside- if available)
  • See a surviving part of the ghetto wall
  • Discover the site of the former Plaszow camp
  • Confront historical photos with present situation of the sites

Availability:  all year round

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Dedicate the whole day to explore Jewish history of Kroke (Krakow) – from medieval times, through Kazimierz, the interwar Krakow,  the ghetto in Podgorze up to the Plaszow Camp. Learn stories of people and places with your expert historian guide.

You will visit:

  • Your tour begins at the Municipal Theatre designed by one of the most prominent Polish-Jewish architects, Jan Zawieyski. On the way to the University, a walk along Szpitalna street where one of Beth ha-Midrash was located (now an Orthodox church) and some of the best Jewish antiquariates located before 1939. A stop near the place of the former Caffe Cyganeria, a place of a succesful bomb attack against SS and gestapo officers conducted by ŻOB (Jewish Fighting Organization) in 1942.
  • A walk towards St. Ann Street, a former Jewish street in medieval times. A stop at the Collegium Maius building, including remains of probably the oldest synagogue of Krakow.
  • Later you’ll go by a tram to Kazimierz –where you’ll see a present Jewish cemetary; Szeroka street – with synagogues ( the Old Synagogue, Popper Synagogue) and Remu Synagogue with its cemetary (visit – if available) etc.
  • Visit of the photographic exhibition of Galicia Museum followed by other parts of Kazimierz including a stop at the JCC
  • Enjoy your lunch break at Nowy Square (with a former Shetitah building).
  • Walk on the other side of the Vistula river to visit the former ghetto of Podgórze with stops at some of the most important places for people living there between 1941 and 1943: the Judenrat, Employment Office, Tagesheim, secret ŻOB meeting places, the Eagle Pharmacy with the deportation square (the Umschlagplatz): the Ghetto Heroes Square today.
  • A walk from the ghetto to the former Oskar Schindler’s factory – today a museum (outdoor visit)
  • Plaszow camp site, a place with remains of the camp that existed between 1942-44 with monuments dedicated to its victims.
Meeting location &  Tour duration:
  • Tour starts:  main entrance to Slowacki Theatre
  • Tour ends:    you can decide
  • Tour duration:   8 hours
What’s Included:
  • private local expert English-speaking guide
  • public transportation tickets
What’s Excluded:
  • entrance fees (Pharmacy under the Eagle – 3 EUR/ person, Remu Synagogue: 3 EUR/ person, Galicia Museum 3 EUR/person)
  • personal expenses

Restrictions:  Pharmacy  under the Eagle  is closed every second Tuesday of each month, the Remuh Synagogue is closed on Saturdays.

Visits of synagogues, cemetary and exhibitions depends on opening time (feasts)



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